BioRex Rovaniemi

The new theater has five (5) screens and app. 350 seats. The theater also accomodates disabled people with 4 wheel chair seats and during the fall 2015 the theater will also have induction loop -tecnique, which will help to accomodate the hearing-impaired people. The new Bio Rex Rovaniemi is equipped with Dolby Surround Sound 7.1. -system, Dolby 3D -technique and HFR -technique. The speciality of the theater are the extra wide PLUS -seats in the auditorium 1.

Ticket office info phone can be contacted in matters of lost property and questions about the screenings during theatre´s opening hours.

NOTE! Ticket office´s phone doesn´t make ticket reservations.

Opening hours

Service desk opens 30 min before first screening and closes after the start of last screening of the day.

Contact information

Tel: 075 756 1281

More detailed movie screening times can be found at:

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Find BioRex Rovaniemi

BioRex Rovaniemi is located in Sampokeskus on the first and second floor.