EuroPark P-Sampokeskus

Sampokeskus has its own parking garage, whose services are provided by EuroPark.

EuroPark P-Sampokeskus is EuroPark’s Autopay parking area. Registration recognition starts and ends the parking time when you drive into and out of the parking lot. This way, the parking fee is always charged according to the actual parking time.

You can choose the most suitable payment method for you from five different options. You can familiarize yourself with the payment options at

The maximum vehicle height is 1.8 m. Trailers are prohibited.

More information at EuroPark website »

Opening hours

The parking garage is open during the opening hours specified by the Sampokeskus shopping centre. Please check the opening hours of Sampokeskus from this website.

Contact information

Puh. +358 20 790 7300

The cost of a call to number starting with 020: €0.0835/call + €0.17/min

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Find EuroPark P-Sampokeskus

EuroPark P-Sampokeskus is located on the lower level of Sampokeskus.

You drive to the parking hall from the corner of Pekankatu and Maakuntakatu. When driving Rovakatu, follow the signs for P-Sampokeskus at the corner of Rovakatu and Pekankatu.