Services for visitors


The elevators are located in the central square of Sampokeskus. You can use the elevators to get to every floor of Sampokeskus; all the way from the basement floor K2 to the second (2) floor.


The toilets are located on the ground floor of Sampokeskus K2 and K1 floor. The sanitary facilities on the K1 floor can also be accessed from Lordi aukio. The handwashing area of ​​the women’s and men’s restrooms is a shared, unisex area. There are two separate toilet cubicles in the toilet. The men’s restroom has a toilet seat and a waterless urinal. There is also a bidet hand shower in the women’s toilet.

The disabled WC

The disabled WC is located on the ground floor K2 of Sampokeskus.


The Nursery can be found in the WC facilities of Sampokeskus. There is a children’s table in the nursery room.

Parcel vending machine point

There is a parcel vending machine by Posti in Sampokeskus.

Postin pakettiautomaatti. 

Disabled parking

Disabled parking spaces can be found on the K2 floor. The places in question are only allowed for disabled parking permit holders.


There is a defibrillator in Sampokeskus located near the elevator in the first floor.


Pets on a leash are welcome in Sampokeskus and its corridors. When visiting services, shops and restaurants, the matter must be checked for each location.

Play area for children

The children’s play area is located on the second floor of Sampokeskus between Moda and Hesburger next to the restaurant terrace. The playground has play equipment such as a climbing frame and a slide. The children’s playground will be renovated in late autumn 2024.

Lost and found

Found items must be delivered to the security control or the order supervisor. The order of the Sampokeskus is supervised by Securitas. The stores, services and restaurants of Sampokeskus deliver the lost items to Securitas, which forwards the lost items to the lost goods and items office on Mondays.


In the lift lobby of Sampokeskus there are signs for doing business in the shopping center.

Rollerblades and skateboards

Skateboarding and rollerblading in Sampokeskus is forbidden.


The ATM can be found on the second floor of Sampokeskus on the platform between Moda and Hesburger.

Electric car charging

Electric car charging is not at Sampokeskus at the moment.


The nearest taxi waiting point can be found in front of Santa Claus Hotel on Korkalonkatu. The taxi station is on the corner of Koskikatu and Poromiehentie. If you want to order a taxi to Sampokeskus, order a taxi either to the parking garage or to the end of Ainonkatu. It is forbidden to drive vehicles on Lordi Square during the day.