Sampokeskus is in the middle of everything

This is true on both a physical and mental level. Located in the city’s central square, the task is to serve the residents of Rovaniemi and those visiting the capital of Lapland. Sampokeskus has served as a meeting place for people for over 30 years.

An important role for us means responsibility – for people, the environment and economic vitality.

For us, responsibility means putting words into action, small and big steps for the better, and making an impact both under our own roof and as part of the local community.

People – spot on

Sampokeskus has been serving Rovaniemi residents and visitors to the capital of Lapland as a place to shop, meet and hang out for over 30 years.

We want to earn our place by making sure that everyone is welcome in the safe Sampokeskus. We also want to create well-being and opportunities by operating in the community and by providing space and support for good things under our roof.

We have a few specific ways and actions to carry out our social responsibility. In the Sampokeskus, for example, there are three trained youth security guards, familiar and safe adults who you can turn to.

Environment – development to be more sustainable

Development towards the better requires both big and small steps. Actions should be aimed at those things that have the greatest impact and benefit as many as possible. Energy efficiency, recycling possibilities, electricity, water and accessibility are all essential, and all are developed in continuous cooperation among more than 60 tenants of Sampokeskus.

In the energy renovation of Sampokeskus, building automation was renewed, ventilation was developed and a solar electricity system was built, which produces about 4 percent of Sampokeskus’ electricity. All purchased electricity has been produced by wind power. Our energy consumption has decreased by -17 percent.

Good accessibility by all means, versatile offer and creative utilization of facilities for the needs of the community lead to a higher utilization rate and thus also a smaller carbon footprint per visitor.

Vitality – important to thousands

Sampokeskus is a key player in the city center of Rovaniemi. The solutions we make directly affect the daily lives of dozens of companies, hundreds of employees and thousands of Rovaniemi residents. Up to 40 percent of the stores in Sampokeskus are completely local companies! For us, this is summed up in the word vitality. We act by all means so that the heart of Rovaniemi beats with vitality; services, jobs, events, life.

The tenants of Sampokeskus are involved in the planning of the activities, and Sampokeskus has an active influence outside the building; we have been establishing, for example, Rovaniemi Elävä Kaupunkikeskusta Ry.

Under the roof of the Sampokeskus, there is a workplace for hundreds of people and services that are important for the well-being of the entire region. Openness, cooperation and commitment create sustainable vitality in the center of Rovaniemi.